Shi Qiao Leads the Future with its “Hundred City Plan”

Centered on the entire lifecycle of commercial vehicles – “buy,” “use,” “maintain,” and “transfer”, Shi Qiao Used Vechicles is a comprehensive commercial vehicle smart service platform. As a critical link in the “transfer” – used vehicle asset disposal, Shi Qiao relies on online technology and data capabilities, offline channel sinking, and scene coverage to build a one-stop comprehensive trading service platform for vehicle inspection, pricing, trading, handling delivery, and complete vehicle logistics. It is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for commercial vehicle disposal for Chinese automobile manufacturers, brand distributors, leasing companies, vehicle operating enterprises, logistics companies, second-hand commercial vehicle dealers and institutions, vehicle owners, drivers, and other commercial vehicle trading parties.

2020 was the year of “King of Vehicle Sources”. Shi Qiao Used Vechicles embarked on the implementation of the “Hundred City Plan”, prioritizing customer service. It continuously explores and improves its business chain, strengthening the value cycle of the commercial vehicle ecosystem. The future racetrack is now in sight, and Shi Qiao Used Vechicles is advancing at full speed.

Setting the target, the sprint battle drum officially starts

This year, Shi Qiao’s business has covered a hundred cities, providing one-stop services for fleet asset disposal and dealer replacement vehicle source disposal. This is not just an expansion of scale and quantity but also precise brand communication. The company always remembers its mission to optimize customer value and is committed to integrating upstream and downstream resources. Through product strategy, operation strategy, and service strategy, it fully implements the deployment of the “Hundred City Plan”.

Product strength, creating optimal value for customers

Platform Trading
Currently, Shi Qiao’s platform has gathered tens of thousands of active used vechicle buyers nationwide. It locks in transactions online to efficiently convert and connect vechicle buying intentions. At the same time, the platform’s cross-regional efficient circulation network for used commercial vehicles has mastered cross-regional value differences, achieving one-stop full-process service across regions. Shi Qiao insists on being driven by technology and data. It uses big data + AI technology throughout the digital transaction process, transforming traditional non-standardized used vechicle trading into online digital standard trading. Shi Qiao will rely on its platform strength, combine customer needs, focus on customer service and experience, develop targeted product features, and create optimal value for users.

Assessment and Inspection

a. Service for Platform Users
The platform has a leading professional inspection system for used commercial vehicles, including 108 inspection details and a vehicle assessment grading model. Based on real vehicle transaction data, it integrates the experience model and big data model through artificial intelligence algorithms to form an accurate vehicle assessment pricing.

At the same time, to further enhance the efficiency of inspection and evaluation, it innovatively developed a remote cloud inspection system for vehicles. Combined with the historical inspection data of Shi Qiao Used Vechicles, multiple comparisons are made, key information is intelligently identified for judgment, and finally experienced evaluators at the center manually review and reinspect the vehicle condition, truly restoring the vehicle’s value.

After the vehicle inspection is completed, it is presented to the Shi Qiao Used Car platform in the form of an inspection report. The vehicle rating includes four levels: A/B/C/D. Clear red exclamation points indicate the vehicle’s problem items, making it clear to buyer users and providing reliable vehicle condition support for online trading of used commercial vehicles.

B. Open Service Capabilities
Shi Qiao Used Vechicles has over 200 full-time evaluators covering all major cities in the country, with rich experience in inspecting over 100,000 used commercial vehicles annually. Always adhering to a customer-first value orientation, serving every customer with objectivity, independence, fairness, and scientific principles, it specially opens external inspection services, with multiple service standards, to assist customers in need of services.

By providing a thorough and detailed inspection, it ensures complete transparency of vehicle conditions, provides important references for whether the vehicle is worth buying, and subsequent vehicle maintenance use. And for the issue of difficult pricing during the disposal process of public and private vehicles, it provides professional vehicle pricing valuation services through big data and AI intelligent valuation system and senior evaluator experience, helping customers dispose of vehicles at the most reasonable price.

Valuation Model
Relying on the Shi Qiao Group’s big data platform, it integrates all network vehicle sales data, national distributor sales data, GPS data, insurance record data, third-party data, and Shi Qiao’s own historical transaction data to build a vehicle model library.

The newly upgraded valuation system 2.0 – Root Mean Square Error reduces the price difference to within 5000 yuan. Using historical transaction data and market sales data, based on the Boosting algorithm, a Stacking model fusion is used to construct a residual value pricing system. At the same time, it builds a discount model for the vehicle chassis, upper structure, engine, gearbox, rear axle speed ratio, and rear axle specifications.

Through automatic data cleaning, standardization, vehicle matching, abnormal price handling, third-party data are effectively introduced, price regression prediction is done, and according to the real-time market situation feedback mechanism, automatic price verification and model calibration are carried out. It transforms original data into valuable and reliable data of tens of millions of levels that can be used, updated to the vehicle model library, providing essential data guidance and support for intelligent inspection and intelligent valuation. Shi Qiao will continue to optimize and upgrade, gradually improving accuracy.

Service strength, one-stop exclusive service fully meets user needs

Online and offline services achieve quick transactions
Adhering to steady “expansion” development with customers and service, allowing every user to enjoy a VIP car selling experience.

Full-service handling achieves efficient delivery

After the vehicle transaction, Shi Qiao Used Vechicles provides handling of file transfer, procedures, vehicle logistics, financial support, etc., meeting the full-cycle needs of customers for commercial vehicle disposal.

In China, there are 4 municipalities, 2 special administrative regions, 283 prefecture-level cities, and 374 county-level cities. In the future, these 600+ cities with used commercial vehicle disposal needs are potential customers. We are committed to continuously exerting energy in the field of China’s second-hand commercial vehicle market, doing our products conscientiously, serving with heart, achieving sustainable development, and building a strong trading system that plays a leading role in the circulation of second-hand commercial vehicles. Shi Qiao leads the future, sprinting towards the “Hundred City Plan”!

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