Shi Qiao Certified Used Vehicles :Carefully Selected for Millions of Truck Drivers

On May 28, 2022, Shi Qiao Used Vechicles announced its official entry into the new era of retail for used commercial vehicles, reshaping the “people, goods, and market” of used commercial vehicles.

The Shi Qiao Used Commercial Vehicle Trading Service Platform has fully set sail, officially launching Shi Qiao Certified Used Vehicles, providing the industry with independent and impartial third-party vehicle inspection and certification services. This helps end-users with car purchasing needs to select high-quality vehicles and issue certified used vehicle reports that align with market value.

Through the authoritative endorsement of Shi Qiao certification services, drivers are effectively protected from scams, making car use easy, reducing maintenance costs, focusing on transportation, and maximizing profits. In addition, Shi Qiao certification services also offer comprehensive after-sales protection and guarantee vehicle conditions, thoroughly safeguarding the safety of our driver friends.

Shi Qiao Certified Used Vehicles

ISO9001 Authoritative Certification Standard, Worthy of Trust
With the development of the national used commercial vehicle market, a large number of replacement demands have flooded the market. Today, although a batch of certified used commercial vehicle brands have appeared on the market, used vechicles inherently have the peculiarity of “one vehicle, one condition, one price”. Issues such as opaque information in the industry and lack of unified inspection standards lead many consumers to be wary of trying due to the perceived complexities of used Vechicles.

Used vehicle evaluation and inspection is a profound study. Shi Qiao Used Vechicles, being the first platform to establish the nation’s first nearly 200-person evaluation and inspection team, utilizes the advanced Shi Qiao evaluation and inspection system. They adopt strict and unified inspection and certification standards to solve the “non-standard” attributes of different brands and models of used Vechicles, making complex vehicle conditions clear and understandable.

Shi Qiao Used Vechicles strictly adheres to the international ISO9001 quality management system certification standard, based on its self-developed vehicle model library of 130,000 models, 1160 brands, and 418 vehicle parameter information. They carry out in-depth inspections on the basic information, important configurations, frame, upper structure condition, and overall working condition of the vehicle, leaving traces for everything from major component repairs to minor parts replacements.

At the same time, Shi Qiao Used Vechicles, as an independent and impartial third-party evaluation and inspection certification platform, strictly selects vehicles and issues vehicle inspection reports and Shi Qiao certification certificates that match vehicle condition details, providing customers with greater peace of mind when purchasing a vehicle.

Strict Selection of 4-Year Quality Vehicles

Efficient Transportation is More Assured
Shi Qiao certified used vehicles strictly select used vehicles within 4 years of age, with good exterior conditions, excellent interiors, strong power, and a vehicle condition rating of B or above. Each of the Shi Qiao certified used vehicles has been rigorously tested on over two hundred items by experienced evaluators using intelligent inspection equipment and an intelligent app.

Evaluators send back the vehicle’s basic information, cab, powertrain, and chassis-related information and data to the Shi Qiao Used vehicles cloud server. Through super-resolution reconstruction technology for multi-frame verification, combined with accident Vechicles, assembled Vechicles, burnt Vechicles, and other case photos stored in the historical inspection database of Shi Qiao Used Vechicles, multiple comparisons are made.

Along with the vehicle’s history and accident records, key information is intelligently identified for judgment. Finally, experienced evaluators at the center manually review and reinspect the vehicle condition, ultimately issuing an accurate inspection certification report that matches the vehicle condition.

When purchasing a Shi Qiao certified used vehicle, customers only need to focus on transportation itself. This can largely avoid the risk of purchasing vehicles with long usage periods, poor vehicle performance, high repair rates, low travel rates, and high safety risks, effectively protecting customer profits.

Comprehensive After-sales Protection

Feel More Confident on the Road
Shi Qiao takes responsibility for every used vehicles that has undergone certification inspection. Once customers find that the inspected vehicle is a major accident vehicles, flooded car, or assembled car after purchasing a Shi Qiao certified used vehicle, Shi Qiao Used Vechicles promises to pay the price difference for that car or repurchase it according to the actual verification situation and market price. In addition, during the vehicle’s usage, customers still enjoy the quality assurance service of Shi Qiao certified used vehicles, with a 3-month warranty for core components of the drive system or 20,000 kilometers of in-use vehicle quality assurance service, ensuring customers can buy with confidence.

Shi Qiao certified used vehicles cover issues that customers generally care about, such as vehicle performance, cost-effectiveness, resale value rate, certification authority, quality assurance, and after-sales. They carefully select reliable vehicles for millions of truck drivers nationwide, because your peace of mind makes us more diligent.

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