Chezheng certified used truck

We are the Trusted direct supplier for second-hand truck dealers, logistics companies, and leasing companies

Independent impartial evaluation and testing

Strictly follow the international ISO9001 standards

Carefully select high-quality vehicles

Defects free vehicles guarantee

We Only export certified used cars

The used cars listed on our website are meticulously selected by our team, following rigorous evaluations of both the vehicle’s condition and price.

These assessments adhere to the international ISO9001 quality management system certification standards.  

Companies from overseas are warmly welcomed to inquire and make purchases.

Vehicles Purchasing Agent

We’ve currently partnered with over 30,000 new car dealerships, 50,000 logistics companies, and 60,000 used car dealers across China. Each year, our partners offer more than 100,000 pre-owned vehicles for sale.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for from the used car listings on our website, feel free to let us know your specific requirements. We can swiftly and accurately match you with the vehicle you need, and even offer a Vehicle Buying Representative service for your convenience.

Assessment,Testing & Valuation Services

We are the drafting unit of the “Export Inspection Standards for Second-hand Commercial Vehicles and Trailers” issued by the Ministry of Commerce of China, which means that the company’s assessment, testing & valuation technology has been recognized by the Chinese government. View the documents

We can provide vehicle evaluation, testing and valuation services for overseas companies that have purchased second-hand cars from other channels in China to ensure that foreign companies purchase second-hand vehicles at reasonable prices that meet import and export standards and whose vehicle quality and safety are guaranteed.

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