How to Choose Chinese Brand Used Trucks

How to Choose Chinese Brand Used Trucks:In recent years Chinese trucks have highlighted their competitiveness by virtue of their strong price/performance ratio and gradually maturing international sales channels, and their annual export volume is rapidly climbing, of which used trucks are a non-negligible part. Used trucks are the preferred choice of many companies and individuals because of their cost-effectiveness and reliability, and the benefits of buying used trucks include cost savings and faster access to vehicles. However there are some important things to keep in mind when buying used trucks to ensure you get a suitable vehicle and avoid unnecessary hassles. We will give our rationalized advice below.

How to Choose Chinese Brand Used Trucks
Chinese Brand Used Trucks
  • Determination of needs and budget

First, you need to be clear about your needs and budget. What are you going to use the van for? What kind of cargo will be transported? How much load and space do you need? What kind of power and performance do you need? All of these will affect what model and configuration you choose. For example, if you want to transport lightweight goods, you can choose a small or mini van, if you want to transport heavy goods, you need to choose a medium or large van. If you want to run a long distance, you should choose a truck with strong power, low fuel consumption and high durability, and if you just run within the city, you can choose a truck with average power, high fuel consumption and easy maintenance.

Next, you need to consider your budget. How much can you afford to spend on a car? How much can you afford for maintenance and upkeep? How much can you pay for insurance and taxes? All of these will affect what price range and brand you choose. For example, if your budget is relatively tight, you can choose some low-end brands, if your budget is more generous, you can choose some high-end brands; China’s top five brands of used trucks are (in no particular order) FAW, DONGFENG, SHACMAN, SINOTRUCK, FOTON, which is always ranked first in China’s truck exports, other brands are also in the export volume of China’s trucks. SINOTRUCK has always been the first in China’s truck exports, and other brands are catching up in exports. If you are more sensitive to the maintenance and repair cost and convenience, you can choose the Chinese truck brands with higher retention in your country.

  • Checking the performance of the vehicle

The first thing to pay attention to is the vehicle’s history and chassis information, before buying a used car, we need to make sure that the vehicle’s history is clear and the chassis is not seriously damaged or repaired. The second thing is to check the vehicle’s usage condition and mileage, generally speaking the lower the mileage of the vehicle, the longer the service life of the vehicle, but this is not absolute, we also need to combine with the vehicle’s previous usage scenarios to analyze. In addition, it is extremely important to check the core components of the vehicle, including: transmitter, transmission, cab, beams, axles, etc.

  • Choose a professional and reliable channel

The core of Choose Chinese Brand Used Trucks is to choose a professional and reliable channel. Ltd. operates the largest used commercial vehicle trading platform “Lion Bridge Used Vehicles” in China , which has always been the barometer of China’s used commercial vehicle trading market, attracting hundreds of thousands of buyers and sellers with its huge trading scale and active atmosphere. Ltd. is also one of the first batch of used car exporters approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, and is currently exporting under the brand name of “Chezheng Certified Used Cars”.

On the platform of “Chezheng Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles”, you can see a wide range of brands and models of used trucks, from tractor-trailers to dump trucks, mixer trucks, and special-purpose vehicles. Because “Chezheng Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles” has China’s leading used commercial vehicle inspection system (the company has more than 200 senior vehicle appraisers), and its own AI big data valuation model is currently used by many financial institutions in China. Because of these two core competencies, overseas enterprises can rest assured that they can purchase Chinese used trucks on the website of “Chezheng Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles”, and that the quality and condition of these vehicles are well guaranteed, and the prices are reasonable.

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