China Trucks “Showdown” Series Part 2

China Trucks “Showdown” Series Part 2, the two models chosen are FOTON AUMAN GTL 4*2 560 hp tractor, FAW JH6 4*2 560 hp tractor, the two models belong to the brand’s main models, so which one is more worth buying?

China Trucks “Showdown” Series Part 2
China Trucks “Showdown” Series Part 2
  1. Appearance Comparison

FOTON AUMAN GTL is a high-roof standard floor, the overall quality of 6870KG, wind resistance coefficient <0.5. The exterior design is fashionable and atmospheric, smooth lines, the overall shape has a strong sense of modernity, the front part of the face adopts the family design, high recognition. The interior design is simple and generous, focusing on detail processing, the overall texture is good, the use of soft materials covered, comfortable touch. The interior of the cab is spacious, with comfortable seats and plenty of legroom, providing a better driving experience for drivers who drive long distances. It is also equipped with advanced electronic control systems, such as the suspension form of four-point airbag suspension and leather and mesh spliced airbag seats, which improve the driver’s comfort while traveling. And the steering wheel with shift paddles is easy to operate.

FAW JH6 is a flat-floor large-row semi-high-roof cab, with a total quality of 7000KG and a wind resistance coefficient of <0.5. The appearance style is inclined to be tough, with rugged lines, giving people a sense of stability and atmosphere. The front part adopts large-size air intake grille, emphasizing its sense of power. The interior style tends to be practical and focuses on functionality. It is covered with hard materials, which are wear-resistant and durable. The overall texture is slightly inferior to that of the FOTON AUMAN GTL, and the interior of the cab is relatively spacious, with good seat comfort, but the legroom is a bit cramped. The electrical configuration focuses on simple and practical style, and the electronic system is not as advanced as FOTON AUMAN GTL.

  1. performance contest
    vehicle type FOTON AUMAN GTL FAW JH6
    motor FOTON Cummins X13NS6B560 Xichai CA6DM3-56E6
    transmission ZF 12TX2620TD FAW CA12TAX260A3
    axle 485 Single Stage Bridge 498 Upgrade Punch Weld Bridge
    Rear axle speed ratio 2.389 3.417
    top speed 90 89
    fuel consumption ≤190g/kW.h ≤210g/kW.h

    Engine part, FOTON AUMAN GTL adopts FOTON Cummins X13NS6B560 engine, which has the following advantages: 1. Strong power: the engine power output is stronger, and the transportation efficiency is high 2. Fuel saving: the control system and sensor technology are advanced, and the lightweight design is adopted, which has a better fuel economy 3. High degree of intelligence: it is able to realize remote monitoring, Fault diagnosis and predictive maintenance, improving the reliability and service life of the engine. But the maintenance cost is higher.

    FAW JH6 adopts Xichai CA6DM3-56E6 engine, which has the following advantages: 1. High torque: with high torque output, it can provide enough power at low speed and is suitable for traveling under complicated road conditions. 2. Environmental protection: meets Euro 6 emission standards . But the brand awareness of Xichai is low, compared to the first-tier well-known brands

    Transmission part, the advantages of ZF 12TX2620TD transmission:1. Shift smoothness: adopting synchronizer shifting, smooth shifting, low impact, can improve driving comfort. 2. Fuel economy: with high transmission efficiency, it can improve fuel economy. 3. Reliability: Adopting full synchronizer shift, easy operation and high reliability. Advantages of FAW CA12TAX260A3 gearbox: 1. Strong carrying capacity: it has a large carrying capacity and can adapt to the needs of heavy-duty transportation. 2. Easy operation: the gearshift actuator is electrically controlled and the clutch actuator is pneumatically controlled, easy to operate.

    China Trucks “Showdown” Series Part 2, Conclusion: In China, the FAW JH6 is 10,000 yuan more expensive than the guide price of the FOTON AUMAN GTL; according to the Chinese market sales in 2022: FOTON AUMAN GTL 66,500 units with a market share of 10%, the FAW JH6 125,600 units with a market share of 19%; the difference in market performance between the two vehicles is still relatively large, and the two vehicles are common in the express and courier operation scenarios. Market share of 19%; the market performance gap between the two vehicles is still relatively large, and the two vehicles are very common in the express transportation scene. As far as the brand is concerned, FAW has the highest used car value retention rate in many cities in China, mainly because of 1. stable product quality and convenient maintenance (when using Weichai engine). 2. strong market adaptability: different segments such as green pass, gravel, hazardous chemicals, general cargo, cold chain, sedan car, large machinery transportation, and so on, are all involved. If you in front of the screen are choosing Chinese trucks, but don’t know how the truck quality is, you can contact us to discuss.https://www.chinaautotrade.com/about-us/

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