China Heavy Trucks and Export Sales

China heavy trucks and export sales are what we’re going to explain in this article, specifically from the following two aspects

  1. Chinese domestic market

According to the China Automobile Association and public data, China  heavy truck and export sales in 2023 totaled 910,000 units, with a 35% year-on-year sales growth. As the five leading brands of trucks in China and their annual heavy truck sales are as follows:

China Heavy Trucks-SINOTRUK
China Heavy Trucks-SINOTRUK

In 2023, China National Heavy Duty Truck (CNHTC) accumulated sales of 234,200 units, ranking first, and is the only heavy truck company with annual cumulative sales exceeding 200,000 units, which is the second consecutive reign after winning the annual sales title for the first time in 2022 (the sales title of the heavy truck industry in 2021-2018 has always been FAW Jiefang, while CNHTC was located in the second, third and third), indicating that China National Heavy Duty Truck has performed very well in the last 2 years.

China Heavy Trucks-FAW
China Heavy Trucks-FAW

FAW Jiefang’s cumulative sales of 182,500 units ranked second in the heavy truck industry for the year 2023; the ranking remained consistent with that of the same period in 2022

China Heavy Trucks-SHACMAN

Shaanxi Automobile Group ranked third with cumulative sales of 150,100 units; it has performed better by moving up 1 position from its 4th place in the same period of 2022

China Heavy Trucks-DONGFENG

DFL accumulated sales of 143,900 units and ranked 4th, down 1 spot from #3 in the same period in 2022

China Heavy Trucks-FOTON

Foton accumulated 89,100 units of sales to rank fifth, consistent with its ranking in the same period in 2022.

The cumulative sales volume of the top 4 Chinese heavy truck companies exceeded 100,000 units, forming the “100,000-unit club” of China’s heavy truck industry in 2023

  1. Export performance

According to public data, the cumulative sales of China’s heavy trucks exported overseas in 2023 were about 275,000 units, a record high in export sales and a year-on-year increase of nearly 60%.

First of all, let’s talk about the vehicle export situation: the vehicle exported to 129 countries and regions, the top 10 export markets are Russia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Congo, Cameroon, accounting for 65.1% of the heavy truck exports.

Next, tractor: tractor exports to 146 countries and regions, Top 10 exports accounted for 71% of tractor exports, Top 10 export countries in the following order: Russia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Congo, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Vietnam.

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